6 Reflect, grow and plan


6 Reflect, grow and plan

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Reflect, grow and plan

I mentioned that Step Four in David Allen’s 5 Step Process is possibly the point at which the system breaks down – and it will not be the system – it will be you!!! I know because I have been there.  And I have noticed that we are often so busy doing stuff, that we simply do not have the time to stop and reflect on what it is we are doing, whether it is achieving what it is supposed to, whether it is still worth doing, or, whether we are doing it well.

Stephen Covey called this “Sharpening the Saw” drawing the metaphor that if we keep sawing away at the trees without stopping every so often to sharpen the saw, then the saw will get blunt and no longer be sharp enough to do its job.  He made the distinction between production and productive capacity.   For yourself, and for your team, you must, must, must, make time to build productive capacity or your capacity to produce will diminish.


  • Set aside time in your diaries to stop and reflect on what you have achieved and what else needs to be done.  An hour at the end of each week to reflect – go over your week’s plan, and think about how you lived your life this week. Review all of your lists, ticking off those things that were achieved.
  • What needs to be done next week to get closer to your vision and to tick off the important things.
  • What did you do well and what did you learn this week?
  • What could you do better?


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