6 Why does change fail?


6 Why does change fail?

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6 Why does change fail?

Many projects fail – in fact half will not deliver on the objectives they promised.  Why is this?


Think of a change project that went really well and went really badly.

In the downloadable, write the characteristics of each, how it made you feel and what were the outcomes.

According to John Kotter, an expert on change management and author of “Leading Change“, it is because one or all of the following errors are made:

1. Allowing too much complacency – too much past success

2. Failing to create a sufficiently powerful guiding coalition – need strong leadership

3. Underestimating the power of vision

4. Under communicating the vision by a factor of 10 (or 100 or even 1,000)

5. Permitting obstacles to block the new visions (eg. poor management, in consistent structures etc)

6. Failing to create short-term wins (loose momentum)

7. Declaring victory too soon – changes are fragile and subject to regression unless totally embedded in process and culture

8. Neglecting to anchor changes firmly in the corporate culture (when it become the way we do things around here)

Which of these reasons occurred in your ‘poorly managed’ project?

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