A quick & engaging meeting structure (Loom over powerpoint image)


A quick & engaging meeting structure (Loom over powerpoint image)

As explained in previous lessons and courses, Holacracy is a new, non-hierarchical approach to organising organisations and teams!

It provides structures and processes that engage the individual team members with more autonomy and responsibility and the opportunities to really contribute to the best of their ability.  It is designed to stop you – the manager – from being the bottle-neck to progress, decisions and the resolution of issues that come up every day.

Holacracy really does challenge the whole notion of power and hierarchy.  It takes a highly self-empowered leader to adopt these principles and practices because it involves giving over the power to your team.

One of the tools and processes that make Holacracy simultaneously more productive and engaging is the “tactical and governance meetings”.

Tactical meetings

The tactical meetings are for the operational work and issues that come up on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on when you hold them) where the real work is done outside of the meeting.  These should only take 30 minutes to 1 hour max!

Here is a link to Holacracy to take you into how to run a Tactical Meeting.  They refer to ‘circles’ – these are the same as ‘teams’.

How to hold a Tactical Meeting

Governance meetings

Governance meetings are where you and your team discuss and make decisions about how the Team and unit is ‘governed’ – its systems, processes, policies, roles, and so on.  The work is done in the meeting so these can go for a lot longer and probably would only happen monthly or even quarterly – again depending on your time frames.  These governance meetings might only include your leadership team – but can include anyone in your team who has a tension they need to resolved about how the Team and Unit is operates.

Here is a link to how to run a Governance Meeting:

How to hold a Governance Meeting

For a more complete explanation of governance, particularly as it relates to Holacracy, check out the following video of Brian Robertson (Holacracy Founder).

If you want to learn more about Holacracy and how to actually apply it, then check out training in Australia at:

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