2.4.1 Delegating

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2.4.1 Delegating

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Remember the 3 key motivators for skilled people doing complex work?  Money is not one of them – but purpose is!  Well the other two are autonomy and mastery which is great because you can tap into these motivators through effective delegation – and that means reducing the demand on you – Win Win!!

Consider the following diagram.  Empowering delegation is about moving the fulcrum over – increasing your leverage so that more can be achieved than one person (you) can achieve on their own. This means not only doing work, but enabling the people and the systems to do work through development, empowerment and continuous improvement.

This diagram identifies the key steps to empowering delegation.  I talk about each of these in this video.

Two tips:

For high powered delegation, here are the 2 pro tips:

  1. Tailor delegation to skill and experience levels – You would apply these a little differently depending on the level of maturity, experience and competence of the person.  Compared with someone who is more mature or competent, an immature person or someone who is new, might be responsible for fewer outcomes, need more boundaries or guidelines; they might need more resources, have more frequent report backs, and require more immediate consequences.
  2. Control your need to control – and to tell your people how they should do their roles – unless they really do not know. Let them take the lead of their own roles. Make it their job to figure out what is important and to manage themselves as much as possible. Much of the work you do in sorting and scaffolding will set this up.


  • What are the QI and QIII tasks/issues you could reduce right now by delegating? Download the worksheet and list these and the actions you need to take to enable them to pick up these actions/projects/roles?
  • What systems will you use to capture the work you have delegated so you can monitor how it is progressing?  In the next couple of lessons, we’ll look at a range of tools, templates and programs that you can use to help you capture, monitor and report on the Team’s work.




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