2.2.1 What’s your story around work load?


2.2.1 What’s your story around work load?

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How we think about our workload, determines how we feel about it -whether it feels over-whelming or not.

So let’s explore how you are feeling about what’s on your plate right now.


  • In the comments, tell me how you are feeling about your workload right now – what does it feel like to be nurse manager? Is it overwhelming? Is there way more demands on you than you could possible meet?
  • So, if that is the case, what are the stories you are telling yourself that you keep taking on more and more? Share these in the comments as well.

Here are some examples:

“I have no choice”

“I must meet expectations of other people’s deadlines”

“If I don’t meet these expectations I will be sacked”

“It should be possible to meet these expectations”

“If I don’t look and feel completely stressed then I won’t appear to be trying hard enough!”

“All deadlines are equally valid.”

“If only I had more people, more time, more skills, more knowledge, – if only my people would work harder and my boss demanded less…”


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