Managing (Up & Down) (Powerpoint slide and record loom)


Managing (Up & Down) (Powerpoint slide and record loom)

This is where you take full responsibility for how you manage time, priorities and your response to pressure – and expect your team to do the same.  You get to distribute responsibility and reduce your stress!  It is also about how you manage up and down. The three areas you will look at are these:

1.  You – Consider your stories; why you say yes when you need to say no, or how; why you don’t say anything, why you feel like you have to do everything when that is completely impossible; why the pressure others place on you to meet deadlines is completely unhelpful – and something you should stop doing to your people.

2. Down – Distribute power to your team through shared governance, delegation, empowering, coaching, work plans and resourcing.

3.  Up – Negotiating and setting priorities and expectations.


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