2.5.2 Negotiate


2.5.2 Negotiate

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However, in the event that you are being overloaded, you can either negotiate for less work, more time or more resources/people to get the work done.  This lesson shows you how.

  1. Be ready to negotiate but do not expect to get ‘your own way’ or you could be disappointed which comes out as frustration and does nothing for your cause. Instead expect to share your perspective on the situation and to gain a better understanding of theirs – win win!
  2. Prepare a pitch for more time, resources or less work by:
    1. Identifying their problems they want solved through you doing more work (being empathetic is the best way to influence!)
    2. Set out 2 solutions that will fix their problems, and 1 option that is ‘no change’:
      1. within the time and resources you have available (noting anything that could be deferred or ceased to make room), or
      2. sooner but with more resources
      3. No change
    3. Finish off with the benefits and risks of each option and let them decide which option they prefer.  They might offer a fourth option.


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