Scaffolding (Organising) (Powerpoint slide and record loom)


Scaffolding (Organising) (Powerpoint slide and record loom)

The scaffolding provides the systems, processes and structures to support you and your team to get more done with less stress. The 3 areas you need to learn and apply are these:

  1. Establishing empowering structure and process that self-corrects and adjusts in response to tensions and issues
  2. Using simple tools
    • Task capturing tools
    • Issues/improvement capturing tools

3. Processes to:

  • Clarify priorities (process and tools) – what is the purpose or mission (what’s important? What’s the point?). What are the organisational priorities and imperatives right now?
  • Tools to plan, monitor and measure work.

We dive deeply into each of these in the following short courses.


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