2.7.2 Your team’s work plan


2.7.2 Your team’s work plan

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When there is so much work that you don’t even know where to start, the best thing you can do is capture in one place so that everyone in your team can see what needs to be done, by when and by whom. In this topic, I share a way of doing this that is easy and practical.

  1. Trello: I have used Trello as a collaborative team work management system. Check it out.  It is super easy to use and ensures that everyone’s work is in one place – and they can tick their work off so you can see very quickly when things are done or not.
  2. Weekly work planner: I have gone back to basics and use an excel spread sheet that is an adaptation on the Gantt Chart. Instead of putting the detailed actions in the first column and shading the cell when it is to be done, I put the actions in the cell in the week that I plan to do the task. That way I can run my eye down that week and know what I have to achieve.  More on how to set this up as a collaborative team weekly work planner later.


  • Share in the comments what system or program you are currently using to manage you weekly work in your team.
  • Try out either Trello or my Weekly Work Planner for a week.  Insert all of your team’s work and tasks. Put the initials of the responsible person against each task (e.g. ES – Complete budget).  Share in the comments your reflections on these systems.


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