What is empowered leadership?


What is empowered leadership?

The root cause of a lack engagement and performance is a lack of leadership empowerment

If you were to really unpick the issue, you would find that the root cause of a lack of engagement and performance is a lack of leadership empowerment.  Managers who do not feel self-empowered, do not believe they can make a difference (external locus of control), they do not empower others and they lack the congruence, conviction and courage to convince, inspire and lead.

When managers lack self-empowerment, they tend to be controlling, worrying that if they loose control, they won’t manage. It is like being at the wheel of a high powered vehicle but terrified of letting the hand brake off for fear that you can’t handle the power.  The most effective way of unleashing the untapped capacity within organisation, and delivering more with less – increasing productivity – is to develop managers’ confidence as well as competence; their willingness to take the initiative and make a difference – this is what self-empowered leaders do.

The difference between an empowered leader and one who is not is pretty obvious.


Which characteristics describes you most of the time?

Which characteristics describe you when you are under pressure?

Is stress character building or character revealing?


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